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Fr. Peter Charles Crowther obl. sbso | The Presbytery, Bury Lane, Withnell, Chorley, PR6 8SD | Tel 01254 830 995 | Archdiocese of Liverpool 1199714


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Please pray for Pope Francis, Benedict XVI and Archbishop Malcolm McMahon                                                   

Liverpool Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Liverpool Reg. Char. 232709



QUICK GOSPEL: The Gospel shows us a Jesus pressed by the crowds and by his relatives, who do not understand what he is about. Doing the will of God will make us part of his family.   (  St. Beuno's Outreach )

ST. BEUNO'S PREGO THEME: This week, we might pray for all those who do not fully appreciate the mercy and forgiveness the Lord is offering. We may also want to pray for all those, who for whatever reason, do not seek to do the will of God.

GOSPEL FOR THE FAMILY: Today, once again,  some “wise men” decide to test the patience of Jesus. The Lord does miracles: they are all admired; nobody doubts the reality of these cures. But ther are people with a twisted mind: they say that Jesus is possessed by the demon. Jesus Christ heals them all, feeds them all...do you think that someone like this may be possessed by the demon? The devil has never helped anyone, because he does not love.  ( evangeli.net )

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: In our time, those who 'persist' in religious faith can seem to outsiders “beside themselves.” The question needs to be asked: who is more sane, those who say life has a deep purpose and meaning and those who evidently content themselves with a “this world only” view. The apparently more rational view is ultimately irrational, in the literal sense that life has finally no reason, no 'ratio.' By contrast, for the believer, behind the gift of creation stands a Giver. Within the gift of love we come to know the Lover. As we gain and lose in life, finally nothing is ever truly lost. Faith is ultimately wholesome and utterly sane.  ( Fr. Kieran O'Mahony, osa )

SAINTLY GEMS: But first let me again urge you to pray and pray very much without worrying about anything else. He who is worried and full of anxiety in his work does an offence to God and does not say the Our Father from the heart.  ( St. Joseph Marello )

FOOD FOR THOUGHT:  God permits us to experience temptations only because of the great good that can come from them. God remains present throughout the temptation, and with God's help, no temptation need ever dominate our choice.  ( Richard Hauser, s.j. )

FIRST HOLY COMMUNIONS:  This Saturday, 15th., at 10.00am. Mass. Please watch out for the instructions from the School Staff.  Enjoy the Day. Jesus will be delighted to welcome you to his Table.

FATHERS DAY: A reminder that Fathers Day is next Sunday, 16th. June.

AN AFTERNOON WITH ST. THERESE:  At Penwortham on 6th. July. See the poster in the church porch.

CONFIRMATIONS: Those who have asked to be confirmed will receive the Sacrament from Bishop Rawsthorne at Sacred Heart, Chorley on Monday, 24th. June at 7.00pm.

NEW LECTIONARIES:  It would be nice if somebody would even offer to contribute one Set. I appreciate that the price is OTT. and so with the church being quite small, I think we can get away with the Chapel Edition which will cost £395! so two sets will cost £790. Your kindness will be much appreciated. Thank you for the first donation of £100.

Lately Deceased

Fr. Peter Charles Crowther, obl.sbso

01254 830 995

Email: moorlandsanctuary@rcaol.org.uk  

Parish Administrator and Catechist: Jane Gilbertson, B.Ed. (Hons), B.Sc. (Hort), CTC.

Week 10 OT B    ,  9th. June, 2024

2nd. Sunday after Pentecost

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